How do I refine my property search?

Searching for new build residential homes on SmartNewHomes is easy, and you have additional options to search for Retirement homes, Shared ownership homes and homes that are eligible for Help to buy.

Keywords can be used when searching for homes to narrow down your search criteria, to help you find your ideal home. Keyword searches can be done from within the Advanced search options when searching on the website. 


Keyword searches check the description of every listed home, checking the description and displaying the matching results. If the word "garden" is included in the description, even if the phrase is "no garden" then that property will also be displayed

  1. Go to
  2. On the Home tab, add in your search criteria for your new home
    1. Enter the Location or Postcode of the area where you want to search
    2. Select the Min price and Max price from the dropdown menus
    3. Select the Property type from the dropdown menu
    4. Select the number of Bedrooms you'd like the property to have, from the dropdown menu
  3. Click Advanced search options to tailor your results
  4. Click the Distance from location drop-down menu to specify the search radius for potential homes
  5. Click the Added drop-down menu to specify whether you search for homes that have been listed in a given time period
  6. Use the Keywords box to tailor your results
    1. search for homes by typing in single words, comma separated, e.g. garage, garden
    2. search for homes by typing in exact phrases, using quotations marks, e.g. "wood floors"
    3. You can also exclude a term by prefixing it with '-', e.g. -terraced 
  7. Tick the boxes as to whether to view Retirement homes, Shared ownership homes, or those that are Under offer or sold STC
  8. Click the Sort by drop-down menu to specify how you sort and view the search results
  9. Click Help to Buy only if you only want to show Help to Buy eligible homes
  10. Click Search 



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